France retreat

Retreat in South of France

This is our first retreat in France | "LA GRANDE RECONNECTION"

What do we offer

8 days ALL inclusive in a prestigious location in Southern France

  • Detox
  • Off-Grid
  • Meditations
  • Breathwork
  • Schadow work
  • Sound Therapie
  • Massage Therapie
  • High vibration Activering
  • Emotional Transformation
  • Connection with Mother Earth


8-15 Augustus 2024


Investment: 595 Euro p/p

Beperkt aantal plekken beschikbaar!

Limited spots available!

Come | Enjoy | Transform yourself

Reserve now your ticket to the La Grande Reconnection via or tel. +31 62181 2286

Our team

Elena – a nutrition, orthomoleculare medicine, emotions release practitioner

Hannelore – a musician, chakra healing, massage therapeut

Oksana – a movement & dance therapeut

Monique – a spiritual guide

Hanneke – a holistic therapeut

Questions & Answers

  • What language will be of use during the retreat? 

Talking will be in English & Dutch. And also, a lot through silence and sensations.

The organizers of the retreat, the “LGR ladies”, will explain in English and if needed

in Dutch but some of them can as well speak French, German and Spanish. We will

always make sure that everyone can follow what is been said. 

  • Are there indivudual treatments?

Yes, if you want you can book a therapist: massage, trauma’s healing etc for a special price – 25 euro for a session instead of the full price of 95 euro. 

  • Travel and cancellation insurance

Need to arrange yourself

  • On what day should I arrive by plane in Lyon? 

You should book your plane 1-day prior DAY1. Try to book your flight on the 7th, arriving in Lyon Saint Exupéry in the morning, or as early in the afternoon as you can. On DAY1, we start early. So, you need a good night’s sleep on site. 


  • Will someone pick me up at the airport? 

You will need to reserve a train ticket: the TGV train from Lyon Saint Exupéry to Valence. We will pick you up from the train station, as soon as you arrive in Valence. You will have to let us know at what time you arrive & please let us know if you go out of the train at train station “VALENCE VILLE” or “VALENCE TGV”, both are fine.  


  • How long does it take to go from the train station to the retreat?  

Once we pick you up, we take you from Valence to the most beautiful and lost place of L’Ardèche, the place of the LGR retreat. This will take a 1 hour and 45min ride to get there. You will have the evening to “land” and the night to “rest”. The next morning, we start by opening the circle at 06:30.  

  • What day should I plan to leave with the plane back home? 

You should book your plane back home 1 day after Day8. On the last day, we close the circle between 12:00 & 13:00. Then we can all pack our things for departure. We can bring you back on 15th after 15:00 OR the 16th, as early as you wish, to be in Valence again on time for your train. Try to book the flight back leaving on the 16th. If you really need to depart earlier, please let us know so we can arrange for someone to bring you from the retreat to Aubenas & reserve your bus from Aubenas (Aubenas is the closest big village) to Valence TGV. 


  • Should I bring certain clothing? 

On one day during the program, we will all be dressed in white, as a ceremonial symbol. It is not mandatory, but you should bring white clothing. White shoes are not necessary, as we will be doing this activity barefoot. Also there will be a swimming activity. You may bring your swimsuit if you wish but a lot of us will prefer to enter the water without! And very important if you have sensitive feet: bring your hiking shoes. Not everything is doable without good shoes up there. 


  • What will we be eating? 

It is a detox retreat so we will be eating alkaline, vegan (except for the butter lovers we have as well high-quality grass-fed butter) and gluten free food. And all as much local and seasonal as possible. So mainly herbs, oils, fruits, consumables flowers and vegetables. Nuts and seeds will also be available. 

  • How is the weather in L’Ardèche? 

The weather is like a micro-climate, so even harder to predict but in August it is mainly dry and sunny. Fortunately, there is often a cooler breeze in the valley of the LGR retreat. 


  • What stuff should I bring with me? 

Towels, matrasses, sleeping bags and toilet paper will all be available on site for you. Anything else you wish to have you will need to take with you. 

  • What includes the “all-inclusive” retreat? 

All- inclusive for us means a free pick up & bring back at and to the train station, we provide for all your basic and very important needs. We cook and prepare fresh high-quality meals every morning, noon and evening. We provide a common sleeping area and a bathroom place with streaming water. We take care of you for 8 days and 9 nights with a well-laid out program for a deep relaxing, meditative, healing, adventurous, grounding and reconnecting experience. Every day, there is a new theme & there is something new included: the activity of the day. Every afternoon there is a walk and some days there are also surprises, all included. The only thing you may book extra is the optional treatments after lunch every day, that you will have the opportunity to reserve at the beginning of your stay. 

  • What does “off grid” mean? 

For us, it means we do have electricity and streaming water but very basic, very primitive. No phone signal, no internet signal. At the beginning of the valley, your signal on your phone will be lost. This is all the way up the mountain, all the way to the top of valley, where the retreat is. So, this experience will also represent a complete detox from your phone!  

  • But what if there is an emergency? 


Your phone will be able to call the emergency number anywhere in France because it goes via satellite signal. The emergency number of FR is 15. Several of the organizers have the Dutch BHV diploma and we even have a real doctor as neighbor. 

  • Will there be a Guru of some sort? 


That is not the concept of the LGR. You come to this place for your Self. To learn, to share, to play, to heal, to manifest and to reconnect. To reconnect with your Self, with the other retreat participants, with the organizers, with nature and galactic energies beyond. To reload, to reclaim and stand in your power. The organizers, or “LGR ladies”, have conceptualized, co-created and prepared a very intentional and loving program for you, to inspire you, take care of you and share a common experience in the elements available on site.


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