healing evening

Healing evening

Healing evening

Do you suffer from fears, negative thoughts or need positive vibes? Then this evening is for you!

Meditations with a surprise – Plank Sadhu – Kundalini Dance (journey through the chakras) – Singing bowls – Cleanse and detox – Aromatherapy

We organize these healing evenings at least twice a month. Keep following us!

tibet scales

Who will give it this evening?

drs. Elena Karnaukhova, Orthomolecular & Emotions release therapist

Elena orthomolecular therapist

Tatiana Pilarski, Energetic Therapist & Coach Channeler & Reiki Master

Wawhen:  April 13 (Thursday) and April 21 (Friday) at 7 pm 

iinvestment: 15 € p/p

Address: Roserije 410, 6228 DN, Maastricht

Free parking and tea is ready!

For more info send me a message karlena3000@gmail.com or call me on 062 181 2286.


6 thoughts on “Healing avond”

  1. Dear Mrs, would this evening also be something to do with my 14-year-old daughter? Kind regards, Gwendolijn van Hulst

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