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Natural Medicine Practice Elena focuses on optimizing your diet and your lifestyle, in a way that suits you. If you do it right, you can achieve fantastic results, like that, together with Natural Medicine Practice Elena lose excess pounds, you intestinal complaints be the boss or deal with one food intolerance

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Natural remedies for chronic complaints

Health complaints

You may not have any problems with your food, your gut or anything related to food at all, but you have other complaints. Take a look at this list to see if your complaints are listed:

These, and many other complaints, have a direct relationship with your diet. Did you know vitamin D plays a big role in depression? And that a burnout is nothing more than the exhaustion of your adrenal glands

The cause of eczema is often in the intestines and concentration problems can be related to your blood sugar.

Most of Natural Medicine Practice Elena's clients are quite skeptical about this relationship at first, until they experience the results.

Orthomolecular holistic approach
Orthomolecular holistic approach
  • The alternative medicine, orthomolecular approach of Natural Medicine Practice Elena looks at the needs of your entire body. Shortages are supplemented and with the individual coaching, a group lesson or course you too will step by step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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