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Specializations: Emotional problems, psychosomatic complaints, traumas, depression, intestinal complaints, anxiety disorders, fatigue, overweight, long-term disorders.
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As a 23 year old I personally experienced a burnout. From my childhood I was interested in health and psychology. I had been through traumatic experiences myself and had constant problems with my bowels. 

I use my knowledge and experience to help people by taking a holistic approach as mind and body go together.

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Elena Karnaukhova

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Elena Karnaukhova

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Elena Karnaukhova

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Elena in the press:

world health organization
natural dieticians in the Netherlands
After being diagnosed with mononucleosis in puberty, I have been confronted with a chronic fatigue syndrome for more than 20 years. Elena made me change my diet completely and take a number of additional vitamins. In addition, a number of laboratory studies were carried out. It turned out that I was sensitive to certain nutrients and that my adrenal glands were not functioning properly.
David Deer
Like so many overweight people, I have followed many different diets in my life. Unfortunately, with this I mainly achieved that I started yo-yo and that I was getting a little heavier than before I started the diet. Anyone who has put in a lot of effort to lose a few pounds before knows how frustrating it is to find yourself gaining weight again. With the help of Elena, I am lucky to lose several kilos very gradually without a diet and continue to manage healthy weight.
Six months ago I was not feeling well, had a feeling of depression, I was always tired. I was amazed to learn that there is a link between depression and intestinal complaints. I was quite skeptical about it, but the cure was followed by herbs. To my great surprise, within a few months I felt more powerful, happier and happier.
Eva Sorval
Elena is a friendly woman with whom I immediately felt at ease. She gave me excellent support in tackling my fatigue, listlessness and intestinal problems in one go.
Laura de Jongen
Elena is someone who knows everything about nutrition and supplements. I took a course with her to get my blood sugar a bit more even and learned a lot. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. very different from larger more commercial companies.
Rianne Schoenmakers
Mindfulness Brabant & Limburg
If you want to be treated with a holistic approach where the whole individual is involved and not different parts of the body then this is the place to be.
Fieke de Wert
RTT therapist