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Raise your Vibrations with love Live in Kerkrade | 13.05.2024
raise your vibrations with leifde
A customer day. Online
a customer day
How do I become happy | Online session
How do I become happy
Self development and growth | Online course
spiritual journeys within yourself
Find yourself in yourself | 17.06.2023
you find within yourself
7.05.2023 Master class. Aphrodisiacs for women Belgium
sexuality women
May 14 Hiking | Meditations | Aromatherapy
detox your body detox your mind
16.04.2023 Detox your body & Detox your mind Workshop. Kerkrade
Detox your mind
13.04.2023. Healing evening. Meditations & Singing Bowls In Maastricht
healing evening
5.03.2023 Master class. Aphrodisiacs for women Maastricht
sexuality women
Medical meditation for organs Maastricht
medical meditation
Clearing hidden emotions and making your own perfume with a request | Maastricht
Orthomolecular nutrition workshop Valkenburg


17 Nov 2022. Webinar: Menopause and a hormonal dance. Tips and advice


webinar. Why am I always tired? Theme: Hormonal stress

Webinar “Intestinal flora and skin disorders”


Reading. Menopause & Menopause.

Support for women during hormonal change.

Nov 10, Maastricht

Team building activities in Limburg are possible

Workshop Maastricht


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  3. hi elena
    I am songul
    For 2 years I have been walking with vertigo, not vertigo but it seems like I am in a saddle that sails through golf and balance problem they have creaked ear crystals but that was not the cause so 2 years of it every day every moment I walk with it what can you recommend me

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