How do I become happy

How can you become happy

How do I become happy | Webinar

Ask yourself why you're not feeling well right now, why am i unhappy, am in this specific situation, in a bad relationship, have financial problems, how can I become happy after divorce how do i become happy alone and so forth.

This is not a typical session


We will investigate what certain situations and people are actually trying to say.

How does your body react to certain events, for example from your childhood.

Is the relationship with your parents good?

What emotions are you still hiding?

How do you feel? Do you think with your head or do you follow your heart?

how do I become happy
How can you become happy

Who am I?


My professional career started as a researcher and nutritionist and through my beloved daughter suffering from panic attacks, I started to dig deeper into the root cause of emotional problems.

I have undergone many therapies and studies to clear my old emotions and free myself so that I could help my children to live freely.

Many things have happened in my life and I am grateful for every experience, for every person I have met. These were my learning moments and the people were my guides.

Why am I organizing this session?

Because I've realized how quickly you can transform your life when you surrender yourself and start following your heart instead of just your head.

In a short time I became a happier person. I let go of my old life and started a fresh, happy life.

You don't have to die to start living again. You can now understand a lot, make changes and become happy.

Every problem just means a new start!

That's why I would like to share my experiences and help others to be happy again.

Don't try to change anyone! Change yourself and your thoughts! Everything around you is going to change.

Do you know why? I will explain during the session.

how do I become happy



I plan to hold this session online on December 16 at 11 am with a small group of participants.

But if you prefer personal guidance or a live session in a group, I will be happy to organize that too.

Do you want to join?

Awesome! Just sign up. I'll send you a link for the Zoom.

Send email:


45 Euro p/p

I have known Elena for a long time, during her marriage and after her divorce.
Girl, what a difference! You look good, completely happy and even younger. And in such a short time! I want that too 🙂
I have also taken her courses. I know quite a lot, but you still learn something new. You always tell stories with so much enthusiasm, fun stories and a smile. I also know that everyone who comes your way is your guide or a mirror and everything happens for a reason! I thank the Universe for putting you in my path!
Ellen Wolda
Thank you Elena! What is holistic therapy that was my first question a year ago 🙂 And now I have started to look at my life from this angle... Every time, do I feel better after a meditation/conversation with you? You provide peace and energy at the same time! Exactly what I need, and you always know how to sense that.
Fatima Massaoudi
Mother of 3 children
Hi Elena, I would like to thank you for the course. I already knew a lot of things, but I also learned a lot. I also look forward to the next step. It comes at the right time and I'm glad more people are noticing all this. It was not without reason that I met you on my path. Very grateful.
Maria Dozelencic
Social worker

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