spiritual journeys within yourself

A spiritual journey within yourself

Self development and growth | A spiritual journey within yourself | ONLINE course

Ask yourself why you are (so often) sick, unhappy, in this situation, have financial problems, etc.

This course offers you serious tools and techniques to resist all forms of outside influence. You learn different methods to influence your consciousness, freedom, emotions, subtle bodies and soul.

With this course you will learn to take control of your own life. You are in control of your physical and mental health, through various methods and meditations that you can apply in daily life.

Here you will find the answers to your questions.

A basic course (5th edition)

Day 1: Planetary Changes | Nature of Man | Psychology | Meditations & Exercises | Homework

Day 2: The body (physical, mental, spiritual) | Vibrations | Nutrition | Cleaning (physical & energetic) | Finance Exercises | meditations 

Day 3:  Evolution of Consciousness | Visualizations | Psychosomation| Health in your hands | Meditations | Questions & Answers

Info: a study is a part of the day of 2-2.5 hours 


Day 1:  December 10, Sunday at 11am

Day 2: Tune in together (sometime during the week or again on Saturday) 

Day 3: Tune in together 

Exercises and meditations must be done in the morning, so we will do them on Saturday or Sunday morning 🙂 and once a week

COST: It is 130 euros per 3 half days (for my current customers it is only 65 euros per 3 half days) 


  • A video call in advance with people I don't know yet. 
  • If you can't participate once, no problem. You can listen back to him. 

Studies in between | Preparation for Level I

Day 1: Ego | Energetic vampires | Energetic Viruses (End of June)

Day 2: Reality | You are the boss of your life | Stop and Filter Thoughts | Fear and Love | Meditations & Exercises (End of June)

Day 3 Brain activation (better receiving and remembering information) | Evolution of the Soul (Late June)

Day 4: Laws of money | What you need to know to magnetize money | Meditations & Exercises. (The end of June)

Day 5: Life Planning | Visualization | Execution (end of June)

Info: a study is a part of the day of 2-2.5 hours 

spiritual journeys

Why is this course?

Perhaps you have already noticed that everything happens very quickly. The reason is that our planet is moving into the new dimension with high frequencies. 

People are going to change, especially the spiritual and moral state.

Have you heard anything about the sixth race, quantum transition, change of materiality, man in quantum transition, awareness of your thoughts? 

In this course I will explain everything.

Why me?

The last few I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing good things. First problems with my child, then the divorce. Those events have put me on a new, spiritual path.

I started taking a course Self-developing and growing, spiritual journeys within yourself, which I call spiritual psychology. 

Now I understand why everything came my way. These were lessons I had to experience and understand.

I have accepted everything, processed it and I feel great!!! I wish the same for everyone!

I would like to share my knowledge and experience, show that everything is in your hands and how quickly you can change your life and condition!

Elena orthomolecular therapist

Drs Elena Karnaukhova | Biologist | Orthomolecular therapist | Body-oriented psychotherapist

spiritual journeys

Tier I (still in development)

Day 1: Consciousness | Working with fears | Creating Light (Early September 2023)

Day 2: What is dying | Does life after death exist? (Early September 2023)

Day 3: Resilience. Maintain stability in high vibrations (Early September 2023)

Tier II (still in development)

Tier III (still in development)

Detox your body | Detox your mind workshop

Holistic Therapist

nettle Soup

Psychosocial therapist

Process grief

Fear of death

Indigo children

Spiritual coaching

spiritual journeys

spiritual coaching

spiritual coaching limburg

spiritual gatherings

spiritual shop

spiritual journey within yourself


33 thoughts on “Een spirituele reis in jezelf”

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  2. Dear Elena, I would like to follow that course. Only on Saturday mornings I can't. Is it possible to do in the evening?

    1. Hi Tine, in the beginning I tried to do it in the evening, but the problem is that meditations and exercises
      must do in the morning. Your brain is still fresh… haha.

    2. Hi Elena,
      I would like to thank you for the course. I already knew a lot of things, but I also learned a lot. I also look forward to the next step. It comes at the right time and I'm glad there are more people who notice all this. I didn't run into you on my path for nothing. Very grateful.

      1. Well done Maria! We really didn't bump into each other for nothing 🙂
        More and more people are looking for answers to their questions. Especially how do I get closer to myself?
        See you again soon. Love, Elena

  3. What a fun course! I'm already looking forward to it! Can my husband also participate? Only he is not really spiritual.

    1. Thank you Sandra for joining us. Your daughter should decide for herself whether she finds that interesting.
      At my education there were children of 6 years old, without parents, there are “new age children”.

    1. Unfortunately, I only have to offer this course in the morning

      At my education we still study 3 or 5 days in a row and only in the morning.
      Our brains function best in the morning.

      Next time I can also organize this course during the week, but we have to see how many participants there are.

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  5. What an interesting course with this information! I would also like to participate.
    Gr. Silvia

    1. Hi Ken, actually the intention is that we will all do live. I want to see your faces and eyes and it is easier to communicate with each other.
      I can then have the basic course looked back 🙂 and the next one only Live. It is also good for the participants. You can ask me questions and I can immediately give advice.
      Love, Elena

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  12. Thank you Elena for a great course! I learned a lot, now get started with all the information, exercises and meditations. I'll be back when you start the next level. Love Issa

    1. You're welcome Isa 🙂 The intention is that I will first give a number of courses at basic level and then we will all go to the next one
      phase. To start with a level 1, there must first be followed between studies such as: Ego, Energetic vampire, evolution of the soul, Laws of money, etc. But you still hear for me. You have a few more baskets before we can continue. Most importantly do exercises, meditations, your homework what you have learned!

  13. Dear Elena, thank you for the beautiful course! Learned something again 🙂
    I really liked the meditations and all the stories! Hopefully more people will come to you, you have a beautiful voice and nice appearance…Love Fatie

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