Elena Karnaukhova

Who Is Elena

Nutrition, Lifestyle, Energetic and Orthomolecular therapist

I help with: fatigue, intestinal complaints, depression, headaches, menopausal complaints and skin problems

Who is Elena?

If you opt for Natural Medicine Practice Elena, you will work together with nutritionist, lifestyle coach and orthomolecular therapist Drs Elena Karnaukhova. She is an expert in digestive health, holistic medicine, natural remedies, and nutritional healing strategies. Elena uses her years of knowledge and experience to get your body and mind back into balance based on her successful approach.


Elena is of Kazakh origin, but has lived in South Limburg since 2007. In her native country she was a professional athlete. From this period on, nutrition began to play an increasingly important role in her life. At the age of 23, during her university studies in Human Biology, she suffered a severe burnout, which she overcame herself. When she moved to Wales (GB) in 1999, she successfully guided many people in losing weight.

Love brought Elena to South Limburg, where she continued her studies (Nutrition & Metabolism, Maastricht University) and also successfully completed the courses in orthomolecular medicine and energetic therapy. Since 2012 she has her own practice, now in the center of Valkenburg, South Limburg. Also since last year she has started a tele-practice to help international clients.

Hobbies: sustainable gardening, fun with the family and the dog!

Training and courses

  • Energetic therapy (NCEG, The Netherlands)
  • Orthomolecular Medicine (Ortho Linea, The Netherlands)
  • Food as medicine, Wales, UK
  • Master in Nutrition & Metabolism (Maastricht University)
  • Bachelor in Biology, Kazakhstan (specialization in human & animals physiology)

Where did it all start?

As a professional athlete I had to watch my diet and lifestyle. So no sweets, no bad fats, enough sleep, etc. 

Yet at a young age I got burned out. Now when I look back from my childhood I had problems with my intestines, did not have enough rest at home, did not feel safe and lacked emotional support. 

From the age of 30, when I settled in Wales, I started my quest to bring my body back into balance. Studies, books, courses have brought me to the other me. 

As a biologist by origin and through studies in nutrition and natural medicine, I have learned that body and mind should be treated together and not as individual parts.

I am now 51 years old and I feel fitter, more vital and happier than in my thirties.

I gained energy and confidence, I learned Dutch and in 2012 I decided to start a practice to use my knowledge and experience to help other people. 

This brings me to you

Attention to your story, knowledge, experience and collaboration