Why are you having nightmares

Why are you having nightmares

Why do you get nightmares? Free yourself

  • According to spiritual traditions and psychological insights, nightmares can have different causes. One of the most common reasons is that nightmares are a reflection of our deepest fears, worries and unresolved emotions. They can be a way for our subconscious to process and integrate unprocessed traumas or negative experiences.
  • Another possible reason for nightmares is the influence of external factors, such as stress, anxiety or unbalanced energies in our environment. Negative thoughts, emotions or experiences can manifest in our dreams and make us feel uneasy.
why do you get nightmares

Why do I have nightmares | My own experience

I have also suffered from nightmares since childhood. I was always a dreamer, sometimes having the same dream every night. Now I understand that the universe was trying to teach me something, tell me something. Our dreams are our practice world… everything first starts in the subtle world and then manifests in the physical world.

Now I know that one cause of my nightmares is the fear of death was… since I dealt with those fears, I no longer have nightmares. Now I receive messages from the universe.

Why do I have nightmares

What should you do to prevent nightmares?

To help prevent or cope with nightmares, it is important to pay attention to our inner state and emotional well-being. Through meditation, breathing exercises, keeping a dream journal, or consulting a spiritual guide or therapist, we can gain insight into the deeper meaning of our nightmares.

Here are a few examples of rituals that can help prevent nightmares:



  • Meditating can help you calm your mind and release any tension before you go to sleep. This can help create a calm and peaceful state of mind.

A bath with salt

  • Taking a bath with salt: Salt is known for its cleansing properties and can help clear negative energies. Taking a bath with salt can help to clear your energy field and ward off any negative influences.

Avoid bad news

  • Limit watching or reading bad news: Constantly being exposed to negative news can cause anxiety and stress, which can lead to nightmares. Try to limit your consumption of bad news and focus on positive and inspiring sources.

Vibrations with love

  • Raise your vibrations with love: Love is the highest vibration that exists and can help transform fear and negativity. By doing exercises that make you feel love and compassion, you can raise your vibrations and create positive energy around you.

Clear hidden emotions and traumas

  • Clear out old and blocked emotions: Old emotional baggage and unresolved traumas can manifest in nightmares. Seek help from a therapist or practice self-reflection and emotional processing techniques to release old emotions and promote inner healing.

Do you need help with nightmares?

As a holistic therapist, I look at the whole person, paying attention to emotions, traumas and the energy around them.


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