why am i so angry

Why am I so angry 

Anger attacks

Anger can be caused by both external and internal factors. External factors can include personal experiences such as family disputes, work-related stress, road rage or trauma. Internal factors can include certain conditions such as depression or chronic pain, stress, fatigue, hormonal changes or even a side effect of certain medications.

Anger can also be a reaction to misunderstanding, disrespect or underappreciation. You may feel that you or someone you care about has been wronged. Additionally, experiencing repeated frustration or criticism can trigger anger.

attacks of anger

Why am I so angry?

Often, learned behavior from childhood can also contribute to how you express anger. If you grew up in a family where expressing anger was common, you may be more inclined to express your feelings through anger.

If your anger feels overwhelming and you often find yourself losing control, it may be helpful to seek professional help.

Did you know that according to Chinese medicine, anger and frustration are stored in your liver? What's on your mind? Does that sound familiar?

I know from experience that not being able to forgive can be a cause of frustration and anger. Often people cannot forgive someone and even worse, they cannot forgive themselves. Ultimately, these blocked feelings can play a role in organ damage.


why am i always angry

Anger attacks | Why am I always angry? My personal experience

In my practice I use energetic and body-oriented therapies to clear old and blocked emotions. I then also teach certain exercises and meditations to further clear those emotions from your body.

From my own experience I know how important it is to free yourself from all kinds of negative emotions, from sadness to anger and frustration.

I grew up without a fader, was bullied at school, changed 3 countries and rebuilt my life, had a recent divorce. These are a few examples, I think you have your own experiences. And that's normal, I wouldn't have it any other way. All experiences are a motivation to grow and develop yourself!

In order to continue living happily and happily, you must process, thank and let go of old and hidden feelings.

As a holistic and energetic therapist, I help process all kinds of old blockages such as sadness, anger and rage attacks.

I immediately felt at ease with you, which made it easy for me to open up. During the first appointment you immediately knew where the cause of an obstacle was that I was not aware of. I also really enjoyed the healing evening! Look forward to next time…thank you Elena
Thank you Elena, I'm glad I came across your path! What an experience... since my youth I have had problems expressing my emotions... thanks to your guidance and exercises I am a different person. Thanks!
Sarah Jones
I actually came to you with my intestinal problems, but I just kept coming...haha, not because I still had problems, but you became my life coach. I am truly grateful for what you have done for me! Thank you very much dear Elena!
Petra, Rotterdam
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