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Cooking workshop for hot days

Cold soup with eggs and a special twist

You probably already know that I am originally from Kazakhstan. A warm country, especially in summer. 

Everyone who lives in warm countries has their own culinary specialties to make something cool.

My specialty in hot days is the cold soup with eggs, other ingredients and a special twist.

My kids, my husband and even my neighbors love that soup.

What do we do?

Making soup together in a beautiful garden on the Gulp. Of course, let's eat that soup together 

What are you learning?

  • During the cooking workshop I will tell you which ingredients you can use. And if you don't like something, you can replace it with something else.
  • Plus, I'll tell you my little secret to make it really tasty and, above all, healthy.
  • As an orthomolecular therapist I will share my knowledge with you.
  • You can't find my secret on the internet!


  • 26 July at 5 pm


  • 25 Euro p/p

Sign Up

Please register up to and including 25 July. 

click here

Hope to see you soon,




Elena Karnaukhova


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