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Late summer mini retreat

Treat yourself with late summer specials.

There are very nice developments. I am so enthusiastic about the new collaborations with different colleagues. So that we can combine our talents to offer you beautiful pampering days.

Let me introduce you to Jeany van Zelkova, a nature coach and yoga teacher.

A programme

Mind-Walk a walk where we check in with ourselves. Filled with meditation, meridian breathing exercises, yoga and tai-chi poses and influences of Mindfulness in a theme this season. During the walk we use natural appropriate aroma to get deeper into relaxation. We will tune in to what your body needs.
12.00 am-12.30 pm 
healthy snacks lunch
Making perfume with essential oils, 100% naturally based on what your body needs, at your request.
You take home: exercises from the Mind-Walk that you can apply in your daily life. Your own natural scent that you will support daily based on your needs.
Costs: €55,- p/p


September 17 at 10.30


In the beautiful garden on the Gulp and the surroundings of Heuvelland. 

At Beutenaken 52 in Beutenaken.

Sign Up

Please register until September 16. click here

See you soon


Elena & Jeany


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