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Losing weight together with the 3Care method

Losing weight together is fun.

Would you rather lose weight with the support of a group, then the group coaching might be something for you.

Why 3Care?

  • The low-carbohydrate health program is designed to rid the body of waste products and excess fat reserves in a healthy and simple way, without losing healthy muscle tissue.
  • A healthy and clean body can repair itself well.
  • The 3Care health program is medically responsible
  • Easy and easy to maintain.

Investment – 135 Euros. It includes the folder with tasty and low-carbohydrate dishes, multivitamins (with a unique composition) and ketostix (to measure fat burning).

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Natural Medicine Practice Elena offers a program of 6 meetings with a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 4 fellow students. For each meeting you pay 50 euros for the guidance that is reimbursed by most health insurers.

When: The first meeting will start in January 2019. The date has not yet been announced.

Each meeting has a different theme such as hypoglycemia, intestinal flora, holidays, mindful eating, strength exercises, constipation, liver and intestinal detoxification, etc.

Each meeting lasts approximately one and a half hours.
You can ask your questions to an expert and find motivation among your fellow sufferers.
What do you get from me:
– Food diary
– Folder with recipes and useful information
– Overview of exercises
– Motivation and support
– Multivitamins and fish oil
- Ketostix (to measure fat burning)
Measuring is knowing

In addition, you will be measured with Bodyscan and bioresonance on:

  • Vitamin status
  • Metabolic age
  • Bone mass
  • Body fluid
  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass


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