Avoid December kilos

With the turn of the year approaching and the end of the year drinks, the moments when you eat too much unnoticed are returning.

And let's not forget booze either. A few glasses of alcohol will help you with a mountain of extra calories. So 1 gram of alcohol provides 7 kcal!

Not only calories, alcohol causes you to become uninhibited and then you easily eat more than you normally would.

Once that happens, it's not a disaster at all. It's about repetitive habits, where you eat and drink more than you consume.

prevent kilos

How many parties do you have in your agenda in the near future?

Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Check for yourself how often you have a party or activity in your agenda in the near future. And if you let yourself go a little while enjoying a drink on all these occasions, it will not surprise you that you accumulate a few extra kilos unnoticed. That can be different!

Inventory your risk moments

Which parties, drinks and dinners are on your agenda for the coming month? Make a list of times when there is a risk of overeating and drinking too much.

Determine your options

If you think in advance about your options in these situations, the risk that you get carried away in the moment is less great. In other words: Take control yourself.

  • Are you going out to eat or is it a buffet?
  • How can you control what you do or don't eat and drink?
  • For example, choose two starters instead of a starter and a main course.
  • Invited to people's homes? See if it is possible for you to serve yourself, then you determine the portion size.
  • Do you have a buffet? That's great, because you can choose yourself.
  • And also in terms of drinks there are many options to keep things under control.
  • Alternate wine with water or agree with yourself to choose one drink and spend the evening with it.
  • What options do you have and do you apply?

Get back to your normal rhythm.

Dinner behind? Get back to your normal rhythm as soon as possible. Or read in a balance day, where you eat extra healthy for a day and limit your snacks.

And so ask yourself:

Are you guided by the situation, or by yourself? The choice is yours!


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