To move

FitCoach gets you moving


FitCoach Lifestyle is your personal exercise and lifestyle coaching program

Do you think health is important? Do you want to become more active and / or fitter? Maybe you want to lose weight? FitCoach helps you to become your own exercise and lifestyle coach.

With FitCoach Lifestyle you get full insight into your total exercise pattern, throughout the day, on your own lifestyle platform and you learn about important themes regarding motivation and behavioral change. On the Pebble, the movement meter that you carry with you, you can see at all times what percentage of the movement you have set as a target you have already done for that day. Experience the new dimension in an active lifestyle with the FitCoach, with the innovative exercise monitor that automatically keeps track of all steps / movement and uploads wirelessly to your personal dashboard.

That's what Natural Medicine Practice Elena does with the exercise monitor. People for whom it is difficult in their daily life to (literally) get moving. The FitCoach Lifestyle program is your big stick, your source of inspiration and education to take the next step towards a more vital life.

At the start of the program you will receive the Pebble (exercise monitor) and the Actilink (the receiver) and you can view your results on your personal FitCoach dashboard. You will be supported in the exercise analysis and your own exercise plan.


Do you want to know more or do you want to register, send an e-mail. I will contact you as soon as possible. The account is free. If you want to get started with the movement meter, you pay 70 euros.

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