Exhausted, headache, concentration problems or fears?

burnout recovery
Burnout recovery

You may have a burnout (too adrenal fatigue mentioned). A burnout is caused when you suffer from stress for a long period of time. Stress can take all kinds of forms here. Some people are so used to their level of stress that they think it is normal. Often people are constantly tired, exhausted and lose the pleasure in life. How do you get out?

With Natural Medicine Practice Elena you tackle a burnout step by step. Relaxation, better nutrition and supplementation with nutritional supplements can work wonders.

What is a burnout?

burnout treatment
Burnout treatment

A burnout is a combination of mental and physical problems that emerge after a long period of stress, illness or after a traumatic event.


The stress has depleted your adrenal glands, which have had to produce the stress hormone cortisol to a high degree all this time. You therefore have too little cortisol in your body and this can cause all kinds of unpleasant complaints, often psychological.

How does Natural Medicine Practice Elena deal with burnout?

We will immediately look at your causes of a burnout. Although the direct cause is the lack of a substance (cortisol) in your body, there are of course reasons why your adrenal glands no longer function properly. In addition, your adrenal glands must be supported by your lifestyle, the correct diet and nutritional supplements.

Stress reduction

Together we look at the causes of stress in your life. Often these are in the work, but not always. You can also have a predisposition to burnout due to certain character traits, such as demanding a lot from yourself or not daring to say no. During the coaching you will receive all kinds of tips and exercises on how to reduce stress.

Dietary changes

There are special foods that support your adrenal gland to recover. Often these are high-fat foods, such as coconut oil, avocado, fatty fish and nuts, because the hormone cortisol is made from healthy fats. You should also omit some things, such as caffeine, added sugars and processed foods.

Dietary Supplements

Your adrenal glands have been through quite a bit recently, so they could use some extra support in the form of nutritional supplements. There are special supplements that focus on a quick recovery of the adrenal glands. In consultation we look at which supplements suit you best.

Natural Medicine Practice Elena works with the RP Vitamino Analytics laboratory if it is not immediately clear whether you have a burnout. A simple saliva test not only shows whether you have a burnout, but also its seriousness. Based on this, a treatment plan can be set out.

Are you done with a lifetime of stress?

Make an appointment with Natural Medicine Practice Elena and experience the healing effect of this successful approach to burnout.