Intestinal complaints

Health starts in your gut!

intestinal complaints
Intestinal complaints


Your intestines are the basis of your health. The condition of your intestines affects your entire body. They are actually the gateway to your body, so it has to work properly! Your intestines also have their own nervous system and are sometimes referred to as your second brain. Very important to keep your intestines healthy.

You can get very direct complaints from your intestines, such as bloating, abnormal stools, heartburn, bad breath or not being able to tolerate certain foods well. There are also many complaints of which the cause lies in the intestines, but which do not immediately seem that way.

Hidden intestinal complaints

The intestines send so much to your body, something can go wrong there. For example, the 'happiness hormone' serotonin is produced in your intestines. If your intestines are not working properly and if this production is disrupted, this can contribute to depression. Yet when you feel depressed you don't immediately think about your intestines. So it is with chronic fatigue, abdominal pain, anxiety, allergies and skin problems.

Natural Medicine Practice Elena developed a special bowel repair program for all these complaints, directly or indirectly.

Natural Medicine Practice Elena Bowel Repair Program

  • Assessment

Based on an interview, questionnaire and possibly stool examination the condition of your intestines is mapped

  •  Diagnosis

On the basis of the inventory, the focus areas are looked at and which vitamins, minerals and herbs you need.

  • Recovery

Your intestines get everything they need to recover in three steps:

Step 1: Cleaning and Tidying Up

Natural antibiotics based on herbs are used to neutralize harmful bacteria and fungi in your intestines.

Step 2: Nourish

With the help of prebiotics and supplements, the beneficial bacteria receive extra nutrition to grow and repair the gut.

Step 3: Build up

Missing intestinal flora is added by taking beneficial strains of bacteria.

Step 4: Maintenance

With the right nutrition you ensure that your intestines remain healthy.

Finally functioning intestines?

Do you want to make your intestines function optimally again and thus give a boost to your health? Contact Natural Medicine Practice Elena For more information.