Pre-stage diabetes type 2 symptoms

Pre-stage diabetes type 2 symptoms

I work in my practice holistic, so the whole person is treated instead of parts of it.

What are type 2 diabetes symptoms, pre-stage and the natural treatment?

Type 2 diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or Diabetes is also called is caused by insulin resistance.

Diabetes type 2 symptoms

Diabetes type 2 symptoms, natural treatment with the diet

I. What Is Insulin Resistance?

  • Insulin resistance is when cells in the muscles, body fat and liver ignore the signal that the hormone is trying to send out insulin and bring the sugars from the bloodstream to the cells.
  • As a result, the pancreas makes more insulin to help glucose get into the cells.

II. Is it possible to cure type 2 diabetes?

Pre-stage diabetes type 2 symptoms

Treating type 2 diabetes naturally

symptoms diabetes

  • Ja, in most cases Diabetes type 2 is it can be completely prevented and cured by the changes in diet, lifestyle and anti-inflammatory food supplements.
  • In practice, good results have been achieved in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.
  • If you are one of those struggling with symptoms of diabetes and want to naturally treat that condition. I can help you!
  • In practice, there are good results! (A study from the UK)

III. An example from my practice

Last year, Laura came to my practice desperately wanting to stop taking the medication for her type 2 diabetes. She had many side effects and experienced little improvement in her health.

After a few months of eating a healthy diet (low-carbohydrate eating), doing correct exercises and making lifestyle changes, she reduced her medication in half.

After a few months, her diabetes nurse said she could stop taking the medication. Her blood sugar was under control. Not only the blood sugar but also her energy and the whole well-being improved dramatically.

What great news! Actually, we hadn't done anything special. Just adjustments in her lifestyle: healthy eating with fewer carbohydrates and the right eating times, better sleep, the right exercises, more relaxation and some nutritional supplements to keep her blood sugar level in balance.

I recommend that you do the treatment of diabetes under the guidance of an experienced therapist!

Tips to Cure Diabetes: Diet, Clear Emotions, Heal Guts

Please contact me for personal guidance and professional advice. Video consultations are of course possible!



Drs. Elena Karnaukhova 
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach & Orthomolecular Physician



IV. What are Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms?

Pre-stage diabetes type 2 symptoms


symptoms of type 2 diabetes

Diabetes type 2 symptoms. Most common symptoms

  • Thirst and a dry mouth 
  • Changes in appetite, usually feeling very hungry (hypoglycaemia)
  • Fatigue, always feeling tired
  • Blurred, deterioration of vision
  • Slow healing of skin wounds, frequent infections, dryness, cuts and bruises
  • Weight gain even without a change in diet
  • P.pain, swelling, numbness, or tingling of the hands and feet
  • Chronically dry and itchy skin
  • Areas of dark, velvety skin in the folds and creases of the body (usually in the armpits and neck)
  • Frequent infections (urine, vaginal, yeasts)

Pre-stage diabetes type 2 symptoms


precancerous type 2 diabetes symptoms


V. Pre-stage type 2 diabetes symptoms

  • Pre-diabetes means that the blood sugar is higher than normal, but not yet high enough to be type 2 diabetes
  • Prediabetes usually occurs in people who already have some insulin resistance or who do not produce enough insulin to maintain blood glucose in the normal range of beta cells in the pancreas.
  • Without enough insulin, extra glucose stays in the bloodstream instead of entering the cells.
  • Without lifestyle changes, people with pre-diabetes are very likely to progress to type 2 diabetes.
  • If you have pre-diabetes, the long-term damage from diabetes - especially to the heart, blood vessels and kidneys - can already begin.

Pre-stage diabetes type 2 symptoms

VI. A natural treatment for diabetes type 2 diabetes

Diabetes type 2 diet


cure diabetes with low-carbohydrate food

****4-step plan to treat diabetes to cure

* Step 1. Treat type 2 diabetes with the diet.

  • Remove foods such as fast sugars, grains, milk, alcohol and bad fats from your diet.
  • Use more fiber, foods rich in chromium, foods rich in magnesium, healthy fats, proper proteins, foods with a low glycemic load. Low-carbohydrate diet (ketogenic diet) is very beneficial in type 2 diabetes as a natural treatment.
  • Foods rich in fiber
  • Intermediate fasting is very beneficial in type 2 diabetes.
  • Eliminate saturated fats and trans fats (which are usually hidden in cookies or fries)
  • Use healthy fats from oily fish and vegetable healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut fat, nuts / seeds or avocado
  • Protein. Eating protein foods has a minimal effect on blood glucose levels and can slow the absorption of sugar.

A tip:

Fiber-rich foods help slow glucose absorption

* Step 2. Type 2 diabetes diet and nutritional supplements.

Diabetes type 2 diet


type 2 diabetes symptoms

  • Chrome, helps improve insulin sensitivity
  • Cinnamon, has the ability to lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Fish oil, can help improve markers of diabetes by lowering triglyceride levels and increasing HDL cholesterol levels.
  •  Alpha-liponzuur, an antioxidant that helps convert glucose into fuel for the body. It improves insulin sensitivity and reduces symptoms of diabetic neuropathy such as weakness, pain and numbness caused by nerve damage

* Step 3. Treating type 2 diabetes. Sports and exercise

can cure diabetes

Sports and exercise

Cure diabetes naturally

  • Do exercises to balance blood sugar. It is beneficial to exercise first and then eat.
  • The research in Maastricht. A study: 30 minutes of exercise per day lowers cholesterol, sugar and insulin!

* Step 4. Treating type 2 diabetes. Controlling stress

Pre-stage diabetes type 2 symptoms

Relax your body relax your mind

  •  Control stress with meditations, yoga, sleeping and fun things to do                       

With a treatment under supervision you have a chance for the better result.

For more information contact me. Of course video guidance is possible. Distance is no longer a problem.

orthomolecular doctor


Drs. Elena Karnaukhova
Nutrition & Lifestyle & Orthomolecular Therapist

VII. What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

can cure diabetes


type 2 diabetes cause and cure

Causes of Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Diabetes is a disease related to elevated blood sugar levels.

  • This is the condition in which the insulin that your pancreas produces cannot work properly or does not produce enough insulin.
    • Insulin, a hormone that is broken down and transported to cells to use as energy. It is released by the pancreas to aid in the storage of sugar and fats.

  • Particular triggers can be a cause of diabetes such as
    • Heavy metals
    • BPA, or Bisphenol A., is a synthetic compound that is used for the production of certain plastics such as
      • canned food, drinks
      • toys
      • Medical instruments
    • Pesticides, these are chemicals widely used in agriculture to prevent and destroy pests
    • Phthalates, these are chemical compounds used as plasticizers to increase durability

VII. Diabetes type 2 symptoms. What is a difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes?

can cure diabetes


can cure diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is called “juvenile diabetes” because it usually develops at a younger age. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. The damage to the pancreatic cells leads to a reduced ability or complete inability to produce insulin. Some of the common causes of this autoimmune response can be a virus, genetically modified organisms, heavy metals, vaccinations or foods such as wheat, cow's milk and soy.

Type 2 - diabetes, DM is the most common form of this disease, and unlike type 1, it tends to occur in people over the age of 40, especially those who are overweight. This is caused by insulin resistance, which means that the hormone insulin is released, but a person does not respond to it.

The body can keep up with a period of time by making more insulin, but insulin receptors are depleted over time. Ultimately, diabetes can affect almost every system in the body, affecting your energy, digestion, weight, sleep, vision, and more.

A holistic and orthomolecular approach of type 2 diabetes.

If someone has long-term illnesses, is often sick and chronically tired, there is no point in fighting symptoms.

In my practice we look deeper for example food, intestinesintestinal flora and hormonal disturbances.

Holistic medicine involves the whole individual and not different parts of the body.

Laboratory, energetic studies and extensive questionnaires are indispensable in holistic therapy.

Do you have any questions? contact with me for personal advice and treatment.



Drs. Elena Karnaukhova
Nutrition & Lifestyle and Orthomolecular therapist

Thank you Elena, I couldn't believe myself then after 3 months I stopped taking my medication!!!! What have we done? Adjusted nutrition, cleaned up my thoughts, emotions, lifestyle... basically everything. It was hard at first but now I don't regret it! I'm really
Valentina Gulp
For me it was an eye opening that you can tackle type 2 diabetes so quickly! My intestines are doing what they should do again, I have energy, and definitely lost weight. My meds are on the lowest dosage and I hope to stop completely in a few months! Thank you dear Elena for your attention and effort with me.....because I wasn't easy I know 🙁 And I wish you that you can help many more people to cure diabetes naturally! It's worth it!
Paul Hoeksma
When I came to Elena I was totally skeptical that her approach would work. I have been to many doctors and not much help. Most importantly what did I learn that you have to believe in what you are doing and have faith! I had every confidence in you, you were my last hope. I am really happy with the result! I would say follow your intuition! It puts you on the right path. Thanks Elena!!!! x Love Tony


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