This is what your pastors say about Natural Medicine Practice Elena

Olga (41), Venlo – depression and burnout

“Six months ago I was depressed and totally exhausted. I even had to quit my job. Although I had no problems with my intestines, Elena helped me with my to restore intestines. I was skeptical about the link between gut and depression, but after a few months I was a different person. I now feel much better and have a new job!”

David (39), Maastricht – chronic fatigue

I was diagnosed with mononucleosis for twenty years. Since then I was always tired. Elena found out that I was sensitive to certain nutrients and together with her I completely adjusted my diet. A laboratory study also revealed that I have a adrenal fatigue had. Now, after a few months, I can't remember ever feeling so energized. My advice: don't give up!”

Paul (58), Berg and Terblijt – chronic fatigue, depression, overweight

“Elena is a friendly woman with whom I immediately felt at ease. She provided me with excellent guidance in tackling my fatigue, listlessness and overweight in one go: the centimeters and kilos went off step by step by eating responsibly and exercising more. Now I feel a lot fitter.”

Raymond (42), Maastricht – overweight

“Rarely was I really slim, but after quitting smoking I continued to gain weight. When I weighed over 100 pounds, I decided to seek professional help. I came to Elena because I was looking for a lifestyle coach who also knows how difficult it can be to lose weight. Fortunately, after many negative experiences with diets, I did not have to follow a diet with Elena. With a lot of patience Elena guided me in a gradual and healthy weight loss process. I have now achieved my goal and I have been exercising for five months.”

Sandra (31), Heerlen - overweight

I've only been on the weight loss program for 5 weeks and I've lost 4 pounds and 4 inches around my waist without dieting and without being hungry.
I am glad this method is not a real diet. I have tried many diets in my past and kept gaining weight over time. Elena teaches me to eat healthy and to be more aware of my diet and lifestyle.
I haven't been this creative with cooking in years. I discovered that carbohydrate free food can be healthy and delicious.
Moreover, I have gained a lot more energy and I feel good about myself.