Three reasons to avoid genetically modified organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms

Three reasons to avoid GM foods.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are potentially one of the greatest health problems of our time. While the issue of safety has received much more attention recently, not everything is mentioned on the label.

The European Union has also allowed a number of GM crops: soy and corn varieties. These products are also used in many foods.

Products such as biscuits, liquorice, cheese, beer, fruit juices can contain an ingredient that has been genetically modified. The examples of genetically modified products: corn, soy, papaya, rapeseed oil, aspartame. Many people cannot tolerate these products.

GMOs contain more pesticides than non-GMOs.

GMO crops were developed specifically to allow farmers to use more herbicides without killing the crops themselves. This is problematic because continuous exposure to toxins, such as pesticides, is one of the main environmental triggers for the development of an autoimmune disease.

2. Genetically modified foods are cause of the Leaking gut (leaky gut).

Many GM crops, such as corn, were designed to produce their own insecticide called Bt toxin by combining the plant's DNA with a bacterial DNA.

Bt toxin kills insects by destroying the lining of their digestive system. The poison is not specific to insects and also makes holes in human cells, damage the intestines and cause the Leaky gut. This can be a prerequisite for the development of an autoimmune disease as well negative impact on health.

3. GMOs disrupt the flora balance in the intestines.

Glyphosate, the herbicide used on GM crops, is also a powerful antibiotic that can attack bacteria in your gut.

Unfortunately, the good bacteria in the gut that aid in digestion are more likely to be sensitive to glyphosate, while harmful bacteria, including strains that cause salmonella and botulism, are highly resistant to glyphosate.

How to Avoid GMOs

It may seem like GM foods are everywhere in our modern food system but if you arm yourself with the right knowledge, you can make smart decisions to avoid GMOs.

Opt for organic products whenever possible

Organic foods are by definition non-GMO. Organic foods are free from dangerous pesticides, herbicides and other toxins used on conventionally grown foods. Look for labels that say “100% Organic”.

Switch to grass-fed meat

Unless otherwise indicated, most livestock is fed on genetically modified feed; pesticide-laden: corn, soy and alfalfa instead of the traditional grass. This is extremely important because the diet of the animals you eat affects you too, and if they were fed GMO diet it will also end up in your body. Also, because animals are given growth hormones and antibiotics to make them fat quickly, they consume large amounts of genetically modified food during short lifespans.

Examples where you can buy grass-fed meat:,or

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