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Coconut oil and coconut fat are one and the same.

Creamy, white coconut fat becomes a clear oil when heated above 26 degrees Celsius.

Coconut oil has been used as a food and medicine from the very beginning. Ayurverda (Indian medicine) has known the therapeutic and cosmetic properties of coconut oil for a long time.

In contrast to the high-calorie, high-cholesterol, long-chain, saturated animal fats in meat and dairy, coconut oil is a saturated fat with mainly medium-chain fatty acids, which can be converted into energy quickly and efficiently.

Many people who suffer from poor digestion - benefit from eating coconut oil instead of other oils.

Coconut oil contains caprylic, capric, lauric and myristic acids. They all have antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Coconut oil contains no cholesterol and no trans fatty acids and even helps to lower cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil can be used in many ways, some examples:

- You can use it as a spread (on bread). Very suitable for people who do not want / are not allowed to use butter.

- Use a few teaspoons for baking. Use it for meat, vegetarian burgers, fish, fried egg, potatoes, pancakes and so on.

- The wok.

- Frying is also possible, of course. This way you ensure healthy fries, something that many children love! If you keep the fat clean, you can safely use it several times.

- As a basis for massage oil.

- Delicious as a bath oil (just add a tablespoon to the warm water).


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