medische meditatie

Medical Meditation

Medical Meditation for Organs

What is a medical meditation?

  • Medical meditation is based on five elements such as air, water, wood, fire and earth.
  • All of which are connected to our organs.
  • We are going to do meditation for our organs using essential oils based on Chinese medicine.
  • Fear, for example, is linked to the kidneys but anger and frustration is in the liver. Chinese medicine believes that if the organs are not cleansed of negative emotions, eventually damage can occur.
  • During the medical meditation we will energetically cleanse our body and our organs and restore balance.

Why is this meditation?

As a nutritionist and orthomolecular therapist I have broadened my capabilities by releasing emotions that are stuck in our body, and especially in organs. 

In recent years I had a personal emotional experience with my child† I know very well how that feels in your body, your mind, your relationship and overall health. 

Everything came at the right time in my life. Last year I first learned about essential oils and how quickly they can help in certain situations. Then I took a course from Dr. Konstantinovsky from Israel on balancing balance. In addition, I have followed courses and personal training from a psychologist A.Kuryanovich from Ukraine and breathing coach S.Sol from Israel to release emotions.

I have combined my knowledge and experience and use it successfully with my patients. I would like to share my passion and experience with a group of interested people. 


Useful information

When Live: 

– May 18 (Wednesday) at 10am (a few places left)

12 June (Sunday) at 11 am

6th of July (Wednesday) at 7 pm

– 10 Juli (Sunday) at 11 am

True: Beutenaken 52 in Beutenaken (at my home). When the weather is nice, we sit outside

How long does it take? 1.5 h

What do you need? easy clothes, we are going to put essential oils on our body.

Who does the meditation? drs. Elena Karnaukhova, Nutrition & Orthomolecular & Emotions Relief Therapist.

Cost: 20 Euro p/p (including a drink and something delicious)

P.lateThere are a maximum of 10 places.

When Online:

– May 18 (Wednesday) at 7 pm. 

Heb je etherische olien is dan prima anders doen we het zonder.  Kosten zijn 10 Euro p/p.


beutenaken 52

Sign Up

Please register on time, not the last minute 🙂


Past meditations

- 11 May (Wednesday) at 10 am (FULL)

– 9 May at 10 am

- 20th of April (Wednesday) FULL at 7 pm   

- 26 April (Tuesday) FULL at 10 a.m. 

I hope to see you soon

I'm already looking forward to it 🙂 If you have any questions let me know. 

Greetings, Elena

Elena Karnaukhova
Drs Elena Karnaukhova Nutrition & Orthomolecular & Emotions relief therapist


20 thoughts on “Medische meditatie”

    1. I think this is something!
      See the mail just now and tomorrow not feasible for me. During the week I can rarely go before noon so hope that another one will take place in the afternoon or evenings.

      Good luck

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  2. I would like to participate in a workshop May 18 at your home.
    I also heard that you give a workshop to make perfume on request. Can I have more information?

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  5. Thank you so much Elena for the amazing meditation! I'll be back for the personal consultation
    Regards, Leane

      1. Thank you Elena, I enjoyed it, got more energy and immediately peace in my head, I need that haha. Once is certainly not enough and I will come to you regularly 🙂 If you still have a spot on July 6th, I would like to come with my girlfriend.

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