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Orthomolecular nutrition and hypnotherapy workshop

Due to the great success in June, we are organizing this workshop again in August and September!

Theme: Pain free, fit and happy without pills and diet.

Holistic approach to your complaints.

If someone has chronic conditions, is often sick and / or chronically tired, then there is no point in fighting symptoms.

In my practice I work holistically. Holistic healing involves the whole individual and not different parts of the body. According to holism, everything is interrelated.

Do you suffer from the following complaints:

  • Bowel problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or leaky gut
  • Immune and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, eczema, asthma, and autoimmune diseases
  • Problems with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar
  • Problems with hormones and mood such as PMS, menopause, headaches, migraines, thyroid disease, depression, or anxiety
  • Fatigue and stress related problems such as chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and insomnia

If one of these questions is yes then this reading is right for you! You are very welcome 🙂!

Where and when?

In the beautiful garden of Beutenaken 52 in Beutenaken

On Wednesday 9 September at 7 pm (you are welcome from 6.30 pm). Register until September 7. In the cold weather we have a place inside 🙂

Click here Google Maps


6.30 pm Welcome with a drink

19.00-20.00 Lecture. Pain-free, fit and happy without pills and diet

20.00-20.15 Question and answer session Break

20.30 - 21.00 Session hypnotherapy (don't worry, you won't fall asleep)

21.00-21.15 Question and answer session

21.15-22.00 Informal drink and snack

22.00 Closing

Everyone gets a handout so that you can read everything again at home.

Content of the workshop

The following topics will be discussed during the workshop

  • The five pillars for optimal health
  • What are the triggers of the complaints
  • What are anti-inflammatory agents and what are natural anti-inflammatory agents
  • The importance of intestinal health. A link between disrupted gut flora, brain and autoimmune diseases
  • A link between skin disorders and disrupted intestinal flora & secretory organs
  • Taking a test: what gives you energy and what takes your energy off
  • What can you do yourself to reduce complaints

Come, experience, ask and enjoy!

We provide an informative and pleasant evening with tasty drinks.

The workshop takes place outside and, in addition to the above informative program, has an informal character, including a drink and healthy snacks.

Of course we take care of all safety rules during your visit!


  • 25 Euro pp
  • For Natural Medicine Practice Elena customers it is 14 Euro

Who are we?

Drs Elena Karnaukhova Nutrition & Lifestyle & Orthomolecular therapist

For more information click here

Guest speaker: Fieke de Wert RTT Hypnotherapist

Sign Up

Please register until September 7 at 06-2181-2286 or email or via the contact page

A maximum of 12 places are available. We still have 2 places available.

See you soon,

Elena and Fieke

  • Do you also want to have your health tested? Health check. Autumn promotion. click here
  • Do you suffer from long-term conditions and do you want a holistic approach? Contact us


6 thoughts on “Orthomoleculaire voeding en hypnotherapie workshop”

  1. Petra Timmermans

    Would like to be considered for the next lecture in August. Recently been diagnosed with muscle rheumatism (polymyalgia rheumatica). Now working on a 20-day prednisolone cure.
    Then I will taper off with alternative painkillers. I am orienting myself with a naturopathic therapist through the 5 biological laws of nature.

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