Menopausal complaints

Reducing menopausal symptoms without medication

menopausal symptoms woman
menopausal symptoms woman

Every woman has to deal with it sooner or later: the menopause. Well-known complaints are the hot flashes, but you can also suffer from insomnia, mood swings, weight gain and anxiety. Your hormones are to blame, because they really mess up everything. However, you can significantly relieve your symptoms without medication.

What is the transition?

The period in which your body decides to stop menstruating is also called the menopause. Every woman eventually goes through menopause. You can do that quite early, around 40e, but also after you turn 55e† Hormonal changes in your body can cause all kinds of complaints.

What can Natural Medicine Practice Elena do for you?

Your doctor will prescribe medication for many of your complaints. This medication often comes with side effects. Natural Medicine Practice Elena can help you to relieve your menopausal symptoms without medication. By adjusting your diet and supporting you with the right nutritional supplements, your hormones will be more balanced and your complaints will be relieved.

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