panic attack symptoms

Panic Attack Symptoms

panic attack symptoms

What Are Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks – are fears, which are hidden very deep in the body.

You can suppress your emotions and move on with your life. But they eventually surface through other emotions such as irritation, frustration, anger, feeling rejected, fears.

There are unprocessed emotions, traumas from your past, even from your parents or grandparents. 

And the greatest fear of most people is the fear of dying.

Fears are the triggers of panic attacks. 


panic attack symptoms

My personal experience with panic attack symptoms

A few years ago we ourselves had the experience of our daughter having terrible panic attacks, along with hyperventilation. She was only 10.5 years old at the time!

What was the cause?

  • Fears! 

I have more written about it here.

We tried different methods and found that her mother, which is me, had to deal with hidden emotions and traumas.

I had spent almost 12 months clearing my hidden emotions from the past and my childhood. Fortunately, I now feel completely new and a happy person :)

How is my daughter feeling?

  • Also a happy teenager 🙂
symptoms of panic attack

Panic attack symptoms. Where do those symptoms come from?

You usually store these emotions when you are still a child. Someone said or did something and you couldn't help it.

What are you doing then? Swallowing, you begin to push that pain deep into your body. And then another situation comes, more pain, more anger, frustration, etc. You don't react to it but push even deeper into your body.

And then somewhere in your later life, you're full of those blocked emotions. At any time, from a trigger you can go all out and let those blocked emotions express themselves and then they come out in physical or mental symptoms.

Panic Attack Symptoms

Panic Attack Symptoms

  • You are dizzy, you feel light-headed
  • Your heart starts beating faster, the adrenaline level rises
  • Pale face and body (at that moment

    blood flows from the skin to the heart)

  • You start to sweat
  • You tremble or tremble
  • You feel like you're choking
  • You feel a pressure or pain in your chest
  • you get nauseous
  • You experience tingling sensations in your body
  • You have hot flashes or you experience chills (my daughter was always cold)
  • You feel that you are not on Earth
  • You're afraid of dying (my daughter had this really bad)
  • You can't fall asleep (because of fear) 
chamomile, tea, drink-829220.jpg

What to do against panic attacks?

  • Finding a cause for those fears and blocked emotions!

How do you do that?

  • I use different techniques to find a cause and help process those emotions.
  • I'm glad that even through this bad experience with my daughter I learned how important it is to clear those blocked emotions and start enjoying your life to the fullest.

In practice I use these techniques with every client.

Are you interested in trying it?

If so, I'd love to hear it 🙂

What to do against panic attacks?

Processing aromatherapy and trauma

Increase resistance

panic attacks symptoms

panic attack tips

prevent panic attack


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  3. Thank you Elena, after 2 sessions with you my daughter feels better, can go outside already. That is a big change in our lives.

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