Many health problems can not only be prevented, but can also be partially or completely recovered with proper nutrition and by adjusting the lifestyle.

Practice for nutrition, nature and orthomolecular medicine

However, doctors, scientists and health insurers have too few tools and financial incentives to offer people a higher quality of life and society lower health care costs.

That's why NOW starts taking care of your health!

Natural Medicine Practice Elena is a practice for nutrition, natural and orthomolecular medicine. dHe works on the basis of a broad view of health with individual and group guidance. Together we will look for your physical, emotional and mental balance so that you can lead a more conscious and active life! In collaboration with laboratories and practice nurses.

In our dynamic life, we want to achieve a lot throughout the day and forget to eat, drink and relax on time. We forget to drink enough and our body starts to protest with various ailments such as headache, fatigue, constipation or overstrain. You can prevent many of these ailments through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

By nourishing the body well from the inside, you give the body the opportunity to repair itself in a natural way, whereby the resistance is considerably increased. In order to improve your diet, adjustments are made step by step on the basis of an individual nutrition plan.

Eating healthy, exercising enough and resting is not always the solution to improve your ailments. Then you have to look a little deeper. There are people who are sensitive to gluten, milk, mowing or soy, as a result of which they have too little energy, problems with the intestines, low immunity and vitamin / mineral deficiency. To know which of these substances you are sensitive to you need to follow some tests and diets. For example, people with autoimmune disease such as MS, Mellitus Diabetes Type 1, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic thyroiditis, or Hashimoto's disease usually have dysbiosis in their gut and also likely leaky gut. A gluten-free diet can alleviate these symptoms.

Most people know what is good and what is not good, but it is not easy to do alone, so they need a supervisor. In my practice you will learn how to tackle this with full plan and support. I guide people on an individual basis and in a group.

For group guidance see events for the following course or workshop. When registering with at least 3 people, the new course can be organized.

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