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Workshop. Orthomolecular nutrition. Psychosomation. Essential Oils


Orthomolecular nutrition. Psychosomation & Essential Oils



The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:

  • What does our intestinal flora say? There is a clear link between disturbed intestinal flora, brain, depression and fatigue.
  • Influence of emotions on our body. With the help of essential oils we will discover which emotions are disturbed.
  • Should I take dietary supplements? If yes which one? If not why not?
  • What are the triggers of your complaints?
  • Solutions, advice and what you can do yourself to get more energy.

Come to the workshop if you:

  • Have too little energy and are constantly tired
  • Can't or can't sleep well
  • are overweight
  • have chronic conditions
  • suffer from depression
  • Plagued by Anxiety Disorders
  • If a woman has menopausal symptoms

Come, experience, ask and enjoy!




Where and when?

  • The workshop takes place in Euphoria Beauty Center Maastricht and, in addition to the above informative program, has an informal character, where tea/coffee and healthy snacks are also provided.



  • November 14 at 12 noon (you are welcome from 11.30 am)


  • 20 Euro p/p (incl. a sample of favorite essential oil)

Places: max 12

To register:

Please register until November 13, 2021 via 06-2181-2286 or email or via the contact page


Who are we?

Elena Karnaukhova

Drs Elena Karnaukhova. Nutrition & Lifestyle & Orthomolecular therapist


Tatyana Savelieva. Aromatherapy & Wellness Consultant & Jyourelier designer


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