7 day weight loss challenge

Especially for menopausal women

Get started together! Fast and healthy weight loss including belly fat!

7 day weight loss challenge with fellow sufferers

What are you learning:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Eat moments
  • Correct exercises (also lose belly fat). Do short exercises together, also at home
  • Importance of healthy gut flora
  • Relax moments

What do we measure:

  • Condition level
  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass
  • Belly fat
  • Moisture
  • Organic age

What do you get from me:

  • Explanation
  • Tips, advice and motivation
  • Do exercises together
  • Measurements

Why am I doing that?

In August we came back from our holiday from beautiful Italy with a few kilos too much 🙁

My husband said he can lose these pounds in a week. 
So I challenged him.

Theoretically, it is not possible, especially for menopausal women, to lose 2-3 kilos in a week.

Originally men have more muscles than women and therefore have faster fat burning. Not fair!

The only advantage of mine was that I have more knowledge about nutrition and I can combine that with the right exercises to increase metabolism.

Despite the fact that he cycles a lot but does not pay close attention to his food, I was able to beat him after a week! What a nice feeling.

Do you also want fast results, belly fat and a tighter body? Do you want to learn about proper nutrition combined with exercises, ask questions to the expert and challenge your fellow sufferers?

Then this 7 day challenge is for you !!! 🙂


  • Meeting 1 - 24 October at 4 pm
  • Meeting 2 - 31 October at 4 pm

(would you like to come but not at these times let me know, we will find a solution 🙂

Where: Walravenstraat 5, Valkenburg (In the building of Valkfysio)

Clothes: loose clothes and sturdy shoes to be able to do exercises for 10 minutes.

Duration of the meeting: 60-90 min

Investment: 10 Euro p / p (per meeting)

I hope to see you soon.



Orthomolecular doctor Valkenburg
Drs. Elena Karnaukhova
Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

The result of a 7 day weight loss challenge (With my husband)

None of us lost 2 pounds. But I lost 1% fat mass and gained 0.2 pounds of extra muscle. My husband has lost 0.8 % mass and lost muscle mass himself at 0.4 pounds. So I won it !!! However, it is possible to beat even men with muscle.

We will continue to compete with him 🙂 A good motivation to stay in good shape.

After 30 days of our challenge

  • I lost 2.2 kilos and 1.3% fat, especially belly fat, a few centimeters over my body and gained 0.6 kg muscle mass! That's more important than just losing weight. Because muscle mass is heavier than fat mass. I am a size less !!!!
  • My husband lost 1.8 kilos and 0.8% fat (including belly fat) and gained no muscle mass
  • So I have already won!

So ladies we can beat muscular men! Join us!

PS: Individual guidance is of course possible


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