recover exhausted adrenal gland

Restore exhausted adrenal glands

Cure Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

restore exhausted adrenal glands

What Is Adrenal Fatigue and How Can You Restore Your Exhausted Adrenal Glands?

Adrenal fatigue can also be described as overworked, stressed, overwrought, chronic fatigue or total exhaustion.

  • Long periods of stress or chronic illness and disease are the primary cause of adrenal exhaustion!

My own experience with adrenal fatigue

As a 23 year old I had a personal experience with adrenal fatigue. Only I did not know what I had and it was not recognized by the doctor as such. It was not easy to get rid of and it took too long.

In mainstream medicine they do not recognize adrenal fatigue. What Is Adrenal Fatigue Anyway? - The adrenal glands are exhausted due to stress, illness, etc. and the production of hormones such as cortisol and DHEA is low.

Through my own experience and knowledge I have been able to help many people with the relapse of exhausted adrenal glands.

Work with someone who has experience and understanding of it.

doctor specialized in adrenal fatigue

Is there a doctor who specializes in adrenal fatigue?

Unfortunately, doctors don't know what adrenal fatigue is. They don't do tests. In a good case they say you have burnout or depression. Then you just get free anti-depressants.

I would say find a specialist, most specialists are naturopathic or orthomolecular therapists.

In my practice I work holistically where the whole body is treated instead of parts of it. I've had adrenal fatigue myself and I know what it feels like.

I am always tired. How can I restore my exhausted adrenal glands?

restore exhausted adrenal glands

Why am I always so tired?

One of the most frequently asked questions people ask me is: “Why am I always so tired? ” If you've ever had the same thought, I'd like to point out an area that is often overlooked.

I am talking about food allergies and intolerance, bacteria in your intestines and the functioning of your intestines:

  • Can you absorb useful nutrients from the food?
  • Do you get energy after eating or not?
  • Can you digest fats and carbohydrates?
  • Do you have itching or a rash?
  • How is your immune system, are you often sick?

All this can contribute to your fatigue and sometimes also depressive complaints.

How Can You Cure Adrenal Fatigue Naturally? Take a test.

analysis, biochemistry, biologist


To choose the right treatment, it is useful to know which phase of exhaustion you are in. For this, a questionnaire is used and / or laboratory research is carried out:

Seek help from an expert

  • Request a questionnaire without obligation for adrenal exhaustion.  
  • If you cannot process this alone, please contact me
  • All consultations are reimbursed by most health insurers
  • Guidance online via Skype or whatsapp is possible so a distance is no longer a problem! 
  • Physician specializing in adrenal fatigue

How can I restore my exhausted adrenal glands?

You can restore your exhausted adrenal glands in 3 steps.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment is based on reducing stress on your body and mind, eliminating toxins, avoiding negative thinking, and replenishing your body with healthy food and positive thoughts.

Step I. Cure Adrenal Fatigue Naturally With The Diet.

Restore exhausted adrenal glands without sugar
  • Nutrition is a big factor in adrenal recovery.
  • There are a number of foods that can support adrenal function. They help to create more energy and recover faster. 
  • But first, you need to start removing the resources that are difficult to digest.
  • Also avoid toxins or chemicals in your area.

Step 1.1 Naturally Cure Adrenal Fatigue by Adjusting Diet. Avoid these foods when your adrenal glands are exhausted



  • Caffeine: This can interfere with your sleep cycle and make it difficult for your adrenal glands to recover. If you need to drink coffee or a caffeinated drink, then a limited amount in the morning before noon is sufficient.

  • Sugar & sweeteners: Include avoiding high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Avoid sugary foods, grains, sweets, etc. Be aware that sugar is an additive in it lots of bread, spices and dressings. No white bread or rolls. Try to avoid as much extra sugar as possible. Use raw honey or stevia as an alternative.

  • Processed microwave foods: First of all, the microwave has its own dangers. In addition, most microwave foods have many preservatives and additives that are difficult to digest. That costs your body extra energy. Try to make your own food as much as possible.

  • Hydrogenated oilsvegetable oils such as soy, canola and corn oils are highly inflammatory, which can lead to adrenal inflammation. Don't bake in this! For baking only good fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter or ghee use. They can withstand high temperatures and do not lose their properties.

Step 2.1 Cure Adrenal Fatigue Naturally Through Proper Nutrition | Use these foods to help adrenal glands recover

Restore exhausted adrenal glands through healthy eating


Add nutrient-rich foods that are easy to digest and have healing qualities. The top superfoods for adrenal glands include:

  • Coconut and coconut oil
  • Olives
  • Avocado
  • Cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.)
  • Fatty fish, eg - wild caught salmon
  • Chicken and turkey
  • Nuts, such as walnuts and almonds
  • Seeds, such as pumpkin, chia, and flax seeds
  • Maca
  • Kelp and seaweed
  • Celtic or Himalayan sea salt

Step 2 Recover exhausted adrenal glands with nutritional supplements

Cure Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

  To use natural nutritional supplements to restore exhausted adrenal glands:

  • Ashwagandha (for anxiety attacks) or Rhodiola
  • Holy basil
  • Fish oil (EPA / DHA)
  • Magnesium (also a natural sleeping aid)
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin C, distributed at least 3000gr during the day
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc

Step III. Reduce stress to restore exhausted adrenal glands

The final and most important key to restoring your adrenal function is to treat your mind and stress needs. Pay attention to your body!

Cure Adrenal Fatigue Naturally

More rest moments


    • Rest when you are tired as much as possible
    • Sleep 8-10 hours a night
    • Avoid staying up late and stick to a normal sleep cycle.
    • It is ideal to go to bed around 10 p.m.
    • Laugh and do something fun every day
    • Work to minimize relational stress
    • Eat regularly and try to cut down on sugar and caffeine
    • Exercise (even moderate exercise and walking can help)
    • Avoid negative people and those who talk a lot themselves
    • Take time for yourself (do something relaxing)
    • Seek support for any traumatic experience (s)
    • Try to minimize negative thoughts about yourself and others. It's important to be around positive people and stay positive about yourself!

Please note: your body is more exhausted due to a chronic illness or condition. Find an expert for help!


What is Holistic & Orthomolecular Therapy?

doctor specialized in adrenal fatigue

If someone has chronic conditions, is often sick and / or chronically tired, then there is no point in fighting symptoms.

In my practice we look deeper into nutrition, intestinesintestinal flora and hormonal disturbances. That is why laboratory tests and extensive questionnaires are indispensable in our orthomolecular and holistic therapy.

Do you have an autoimmune disease? Do you have bowel problems? Do you want more energy? Or just ask an expert questions?

Then please contact me 

Indeed, you only get anti-depressants from your doctor, while I was not depressed at all but just exhausted! I was glad I found Elena and she addressed the cause and not just gave me pills. Lots of energy and happy again! Thank you very much!
A few years ago I was also with Elena. No energy, depressed, completely exhausted, no longer feel like anything. What have we done? I don't remember, but a lot! Examinations, intestines treated, supplements and herbs taken, meditations, exercises. That was a real journey for me but I'm super glad I did it all. Totally recovered, lost weight and rejuvenated inside and out.
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You can't just buy your health. I am convinced of that and I was willing to do anything to restore my adrenal glands. At first I was looking for a doctor who specializes in adrenal fatigue. I didn't find it but ended up with Elena and very happy with it!
Thomas Boerma