natural treatment yeast infection woman

Natural treatment fungal infection woman

Natural treatment fungal infection woman

Natural treatment for fungal infection woman and man

What are yeast infection symptoms?


  • Fatigue
  • Need for fast sugars
  • Bad breath
  • White coating on the tongue
  • Brain is missing
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Skin and nail fungal infections
  • Joint pain
  • Loss of libido
  • Chronic problems with sinuses and allergies
  • Itchy skin
  • Digestive problems (gas and bloating)
  • Weak immune system
  • Vaginal discharge 

These are just a few signs of a possible fungal infection.

Do you know where the fungi come from?

Treat fungal mouth infection naturally
home remedy fungal infection mouth

From your intestines! The most well-known fungi or yeasts in our intestines are candidas.


  • Candidiasis, candidiasis or candida is a fungal infection caused by yeast-like fungi.                                                                                                                
  • Candida albicans is a common yeast-like fungus that aids in nutrient absorption and digestion at proper levels in the body. When it produces too much, typical candida symptoms can develop.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • In the digestive tract, if left unchecked, it breaks down the walls of the intestinal wall and penetrates the bloodstream. This releases byproducts such as toxins from your system, making it leaky gut syndrome can arise.

  • In general, other bacteria and immune cells keep this yeast in check so it doesn't cause any harm. When your body's natural pH balance is disturbed, the candida yeasts can become uncontrollable, causing a systemic problem and unpleasant candida symptoms.

  • When candida gets out of control it can cause contamination in various areas such as mouth, anus, skin or vagina and create unpleasant itchy or burning sensations.

  • Both men and women can suffer from candida infection.

  • According to Chinese medicine, your tongue is the mirror of your intestines. You can read a lot on your tongue. So if you have a white thick rash on your tongue, there is a high chance that fungi are present in the intestines. So the best therapy is to treat your intestines and to follow the right diet.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • My experience shows that if fungi are present, other pathogens such as overgrowth of certain bacteria or parasites are also present in your intestines. They sit together grow and bloom 🙁

What is the cause of the candida overgrowth?

  • Antibiotics
  • Long-term medications including contraception
  • Bad digestion eg leaky gut
  • Lowered immune system
  • A high sugar content
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
orthomolecular therapist

Natural treatment fungal infection woman

Experience from my practice.

  • It seems from my experience that people with fungal infections often also have other conditions such as adrenal exhaustion (extreme fatigue), food intolerance, lack of concentration, presence of parasites or overgrowth of bacteria.
  • To tackle a fungal infection, you must also include those associated conditions in the treatment plan.
  • If someone has long-term infections or conditions such as candida infection, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches then there is no point in fighting symptoms.
  • In my practice I work holistically. Holistic healing involves the whole individual and not different parts of the body.
  • Don't know where to start? Take Contact with me on 🙂

Natural treatment for fungal infection

natural treatment yeast infection woman

Treat candida infection naturally. Why doesn't that fungal infection go away?


  • There are many natural candida treatments that can help manage and even reverse this condition but the first step is to adjust the diet.

  • The first step of the diet is to boost your immune system through the elimination of sugar, alcohol and refined carbohydrates. These contribute to the growth of the candida in your body.

  • Good healthy bacteria and a functioning immune system are essential in fighting this persistent infection. By the stool examination you can check whether there is overgrowth of candida, what is the acidity of the digestive tract (important for digestion) and the balance between healthy and bad bacteria.
  • Local creams help temporarily. Candida overgrowth must be tackled from within. So through your intestines!

The candida diet. What can you eat against fungal infection?

Natural treatment fungal infection woman
Natural treatment fungal infection woman

Colorful vegetables.

  • Whole foods provide essential vitamins and minerals to aid in healing and boost the immune system

Fermented dairy products or fermented foods.

  • To strengthen good bacteria: foods high in probiotics such as miso, kefir, kimchi, or sauerkraut to use.
  • Fermented foods not only feed healthy bacteria but also unhealthy ones.
  • If you find that any probiotic supplement or fermented food is making symptoms worse, reduce or eliminate them for a few weeks and see if symptoms have improved.

Green smoothies.

  • Leafy green vegetables help improve the immune response. This is fine food for healthy bacteria. The more you have healthy bacteria, the less you have pathogens in your gut!

Line and chia seeds.

  • Lin and chia seeds are anti-fungal.

Unsweetened cranberry juice.

  • Cranberry juice provides an acidic intestinal flora that is unpleasant for the yeast.


  • Helps fight fungal infections and boosts the immune system.

Coconut oil.

The candida diet

Foods that increase the risk of candida. So avoid!

treat oral fungus naturally

  • Sugar. Sugars feed yeast and mold, so you should avoid it at all costs.

  • Fruit or juice. Although fruit is generally healthy, it is high in sugar and can worsen candida. Berries are generally low in sugar.

  • Alcohol. Produces more yeast and should be avoided.

  • No yeasts, mold cheeses and mushrooms

  • Cereals. Breaks down into sugars and can feed candida, other yeasts, fungi and bad bacteria.

Food intolerance and fungal infection

natural treatment yeast infection woman
  • Some yeast infections are due to food intolerance
  • Try to avoid the foods that cause negative reactions.
  • If you think you may have a food allergy or hypersensitivity, try an elimination diet to find out which foods are causing intolerances or a lab test (via blood) to perform.

Natural treatment fungal infection woman

Natural treatment fungal infection woman

Which dietary supplements help with fungal infection overgrowth?

  • Probiotics (healthy bacteria)
  • Add enzymes to break down biofilms of bad bacteria and candida
  • Use anti-fungal herbs such as: Oregano, Clove, Melaleuca (tea tree)
  • Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids)
  • Herbs to support liver such as milk thistle
  • You can also try taking a course to improve your intestinal flora to recover.

Take a test for candida infection

lab, analysis, diagnostics-2813958.jpg


  • Using intestinal examination (stool test) can you figure out what exactly is going on? Are there fungi, yeasts, parasites or bacteria such as stubborn helicobacter pylori present? Then these need to be addressed first. Through the intestinal examination you know about your intestinal flora balance, digestion process, potential inflammation or food intolerance. The latter is further routed through the blood examined.

  • Our gut is the center of our health! Some hormones such as serotonin and vitamins such as B vitamins are produced in the gut. Make sure your bowels are working properly!

Do you have any complaints? take a quiz

natural treatment yeast infection woman
natural treatment yeast infection woman

With the wide variety of symptoms that Candida overgrowth can cause, it can be confusing to determine if Candida is really the cause of your problems.

While this quiz cannot provide a definitive answer, it is helpful in narrowing down its potential role. This survey was originally created by William Crook, MD, who is considered a pioneer in investigating the role of Candida fungi in a plethora of health problems.

If the answer to any of the following questions is “yes”, write down the number of points for that question. Add up the total number of points at the end. Your final score indicates the probability of the yeast infection and influence on your health problems.

  1. Have you taken repeated or prolonged courses of antibiotics? (4 points)
  2. Have you suffered from recurrent vaginal, prostate (men), or urinary tract infections? (3 points)
  3. Do you feel 'completely sick' but the cause has not been found? (2 points)
  4. Do you suffer from hormone disorders, including PMS, irregular periods, sexual dysfunction, sugar cravings, low body temperature or fatigue? (2 points)
  5. Are you hypersensitive to tobacco smoke, perfumes and chemical smells? (2 points)
  6. Do you suffer from memory or concentration problems? Do you suffer from brain fog? (2 points)
  7. Have you been on a long course of prednisone or other steroids or have you been taking birth control pills for more than 3 years? (2 points)
  8. Do some foods disagree with you or cause symptoms such as hypersensitivity? (1 point)
  9. Do you suffer from constipation, diarrhea, bloating or abdominal pain? (1 point)
  10. Your skin itches, tingles or burns; or is it unusually dry; or suffer from a skin rash? (1 point)

Scores for womenIf you score 9 or more, your health problems are likely linked to an overgrowth of the candida infection. If you score 12 or more, your health problems are almost certainly linked to the yeast infection.

Scores for men: If you score 7 or more, your health problems are likely linked to candida infection. A score of 10 or more indicates that your health problems are almost certainly related to yeast infection.

Natural treatment fungal infection woman or man

to solve the problem


  • Do you suffer from candida infection, bowel problems or other long-term conditions?
  • Have you tried everything and nothing helps? Have you done research or want to do more?
  • Then I would like to bring all the puzzles together with you and see which way of treatment suits you! 
  • You are not alone! I have been there too 🙂 I help treat this yeast infection naturally in women and men on a weekly basis with positive results. 
  • I'd love to hear it if you want to tackle those fungi naturally 🙂
Elena orthomolecular therapist
Drs Elena Karnaukhova | Orthomolecular therapist | Emotion release
Dear Elena, I'm glad I found you online. I looked for someone who could help me with the Helicobacter Pylori stomach bacteria, because after more than 10 years and several antibiotics I couldn't get rid of it. And now to have developed several other complaints. I look forward to the next steps we will take. Your knowledge, skills and how you think along is something I don't often come across. I cannot describe in words how happy I am. Thank you for being who you are. Lots of love
Maria Dozelencic
Social worker
Dear Elena, thank you for your quick help. In addition to fatigue and abdominal pain, I had many vague complaints. You can't go to a doctor with these kinds of complaints. You get medicine right away without them listening to you. I immediately felt better after the first treatment! Until next time 🙂 Love. Julie
A year that started with fear and sadness ends in light, love and joy. Thank you Elena for your help with this special learning process that I experienced last year. During the last few sessions I have indicated that things are getting better, especially emotionally and psychologically. I am very grateful Elena for coming my way!!! Kind regards, Debbie
Debbie Jover

Gut flora and skin disorders


yeast infection won't go away, treat yeast infection mouth naturally.

natural treatment fungal infection woman.

candida infection man



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