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Cold soup with eggs

For hot days

Russian cold soup (Okroshka)

Preparation time:

30-60 minutes

Ingredients for 2 persons:

1/2 liter kefir or full fat yogurt (can be mixed with boiled cold water)
4 radishes
2 sts of spring onions
2 eggs, boiled
2 (boiled) potatoes
1 tbsp dill
1 tsp. mustard
1/2 cucumber
salt and possibly a dash of vinegar to taste

meat / ham as needed


Boil potatoes and eggs

Preparation method:

Cut all vegetables into small cubes, potatoes without the skin

Finely chop the dill (use frozen dill if necessary).
Mash the peeled eggs.

Stir all these ingredients

You can make kefir with water separately (and store it in the charcoal cupboard if necessary - 1 day)

Serving tips

Stir all these ingredients into the kefir and season this cold soup with a little mustard, mayonnaise and / or a dash of vinegar. You can use kombucha instead of vinegar (fermented tea) use for a spicy sour taste and for your healthy gut bacteria.
Prijatnovo appetita! Enjoy your meal!

Health tips:

A cold potato contains so-called 'resistant starch'. These carbohydrates are not properly digested by our body, but they are digested by the bacteria in the colon. As a result, they are not absorbed into our bloodstream as glucose, but arrive more or less undigested in our intestines, an ideal food for healthy intestinal bacteria, a pre-biotic.

Never boil a potato with salt in the water. The salt extracts the potassium from the additive. People who are overweight, have elevated blood sugar or diabetes should rather avoid warm potatoes. They can eat cold potatoes in moderation. A potato combined with an egg is one of the best protein combinations to eat.


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