Orthomolecular brunch

Theme: Gluten-free and dairy-free food

  • Yummy. Fast. Healthy!

As a nutritionist, I often see in practice that people are struggling with the food. What can you eat and what not. Can I eat gluten or dairy and what are the alternatives?

Do you have health problems, stomach complaints, fatigue, headaches or skin problems? These can all be a sign of food intolerance.

If you want to know more and if you have any questions, come to the orthomolecular brunch.

Samples. To ask. To enjoy

When: September 18 (Wednesday) at 11 am

True: Beutenaken 52, Beutenaken (The village is located between Gulpen and Slenaken)


– 11.00 reception in Beutenaken 52 (at my home)
– 11.15 together we first go for a walk or do muscle exercises (for better digestion and fat burning)
– 11.45 start baking pancakes (in the garden when the weather is nice) – 12.00 delicious together
– 13.00-13.30 go home

Cost – 15 pp

Please register until 17 September. A group of max 10 people.

Do you know? Many ailments and diseases can be prevented and even cured through the right diet and lifestyle.

This brunch is specifically focused on the benefits of gluten-free and dairy-free food.

Take advantage of the pleasant morning, ask questions to the orthomolecular nutritionist and possibly take your health into your own hands.

Maybe see you soon

Elena Karnaukhova – Heel. Orthomolecular nutritionist info@natural-medicine-practice-elena.nl GSM 0621812286

Next meeting:

  • Breakfast/Brunch in October. The date has not yet been announced.
  • Theme: Healthy fats


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