Before the intake interview, you will receive an extensive questionnaire that must be completed and sent back to me in advance.

Asking and answering questions takes a lot of time, so I advise everyone to prepare in advance. If your goal is to lose weight and get fitter, you can read more on weight management.

What I offer:

  • a no-obligation introductory meeting
  • personal attention and professional guidance
  • evening consultation is possible
  • plenty of time for the consultations
  • I will come to your home if desired
  • collaboration with general practitioners, practice nurses, physiotherapists and laboratory

My method

The nutritional analysis is the starting point. You will be asked to keep a food diary for a week, after which an individual plan will be drawn up. Then, depending on the complaints, the frequency of follow-up appointments is determined.

If the right diet and an improved lifestyle do not improve the complaints, the use of specific herbs, vitamins, minerals or trace elements is recommended.

For some complaints, more investigation is desirable in order to determine a thorough action plan. Through my collaboration with RP Vitamino Analytics, a laboratory that is specialized in gut flora orientation, adrenal stress index, hormonal balance, SKB (blood) test, parasitology, food intolerance, I am able to have such studies performed. Samples of your blood, stool, hair, or saliva will be sent there. After this examination(s) and subsequent analysis performed by me, a specific treatment plan is drawn up.

Extra information

Intake conversation lasts about 90 min and the next 60 min.

Intestinal flora improvement